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Arts & Learning Kids!

Get up and MOVE, LEARN, and SMILE with artists and teachers who are excited to spend time with you! 

Have fun learning math skills like number names, number sequences, counting, addition, and subtraction and literacy skills like discovering central ideas and themes, writing stories, and understanding points of view.

Clapping Rhythm, Singing, and Subtraction, Oh My!

Students will learn about subtraction using their singing voices, clapping hands, and stomping feet! In this multisensory, interactive lesson, students will be inspired by expressing their emotions, using props, and storytelling. Mr. 4tae brings his trumpet, piano, and clapping rhythm songs, while Ms. Garrett brings her knowledge on subtraction!! Come clap, stomp, and sing as we learn about subtraction!!

Storytelling with Anansi and Beats!

Students will learn about the art of storytelling with help from Anansi, a Ghanian spider! In this multisensory lesson, students will be able to listen to music and imagine the beginning, middle, and end parts of a story through soundscapes! Mr. 4tae brings his musical talents, while Ms. Garrett brings her story retelling skills. Come learn how to become a griot and retell stories with Anansi The Spider.

Mystery Strings and Counting Things! (The Musical)

Mr. Alden and Mr. Owens become mystery detectives who journey to the Kenyan savannah to count different wild animals, aided by songs and your imagination!

Transportation Tunes!

Here comes the Big Blue Truck, bringing songs, pictures, and ideas! During this episode, students will think about how people traveled and communicated in the past, and how we do those things now.

Animals Around the World!

Students use their imagination, creativity, and knowledge about the world to dive into the seven continents and the animals that roam around them! Students will breathe like animals, dress up as animals, act like animals, move like animals, and even sound like animals! 

Singing through Six with Squirrels and Cookies!

Students learn how to break apart 6 using their imagination, emotions, and concrete props. In this multi-sensory, interactive lesson, students will be inspired by the visual props and storytelling that allow students to think about kindness and sharing with the power of 6. 


Arts Explorations!

Arts Explorations videos feature 5 sequential lessons that allow students to dive deep into different art forms. Students will laugh, learn, and express themselves through dance, music, visual arts, theatre, and STEM-based activities with professional artists.

On Stage at Home with Ms. Nell!

If you like to play “pretend,” you’re already an actor! Join Ms. Nell in exploring some of the tools and skills actors use, including their voices, their bodies, and their imaginations. Together we’ll explore the fable “The Lion and the Mouse,” and you’ll put on a show right from your own home!

Inspired to Dance with Ms. Alt!

Did you know that dance can be anything? Join Ms. Alt as we explore our homes, nature, and our emotions to find inspiration and create movement together. Let’s get inspired to dance!

Let’s Go on a Scavenger Hunt with Ms. Khaleshia

We can find simple things at home and use our imaginations to turn them into fun props that we can pretend and play with. Push your imagination to the next level and pretend and play with family and friends at home.

Look! Drawing Your World with Ms. D

Drawing asks you to look closely, notice details, and use your own unique voice. Join Ms. D for drawing with shapes and lines. We will find things to draw in the space around us and express how music makes us feel through drawing!