Arts Projects, Activities, and Experiences for

1st & 2nd Grade Students!

Building Skills and discovering talents through the arts

Fun, Arts-Based Videos and Activities for 1st and 2nd Grade Students


Led by professional teaching artists and educators, children will build crucial skills, laugh, learn, and express themselves through dance, music, visual arts, and theater.

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Arts & Learning Kids!

Get up and MOVE, LEARN, and SMILE with artists and teachers who are excited to spend time with you! 

House Party

Students will create, write, and act out different rhyming sentences using their bodies, knowledge of isolating beginning sounds, and imaginations. 

How Was Your Day?

Students will use miming and other elements of theatre to compare and contrast  their lives in the United States to the lives of children living in Canada and Mexico. 

Creative Cinderella

Students will explore alternate versions of Cinderella and consider how each one alters story elements like setting, character, and events. Using a story map, they will design their own board game using a story they know but altering it to make it their own. Students will learn how to create a board game that they can play with friends and family! 

Everyone’s a Critic: Looking at Van Gogh and Picasso

Students will compare two paintings with the same name painted by two very different famous artists. They learn how to organize their observations in a venn diagram and then they use their analysis of the paintings to create a short theatrical piece.

Virtual Feast

Students consider how food can nourish the community as well as nourish our bodies. Students will analyze the text of Stone Soup and use theater and props to examine how meals create community.

Array City

Students learn about how to break numbers into arrays and then use these arrangements as the foundation for an enormous collaged cityscape! 

This Because of That: Acting out Conjunctions

Kids will learn how conjunctions can help them join two thoughts together to create more interesting sentences. Using props for inspiration, they learn theatre techniques to act out what they are writing

Tap Dancing Our Way through Two-Digit Numbers!

Students will use tap steps to express 10s and 1s and connect movement to place value charts, number bonds, and math manipulatives.

Character Traits Choreography

Students will identify their own character traits and those of important Civil Rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ruby Bridges. Students will be able to unlock their creativity and communicate those character traits through dance! Learning several elements of dance like frozen poses, levels, shapes and energy, students will not only get to perform the Ruby Bridges choreography, but will be inspired to look for the leaders—particularly those who respond to injustice—in their communities and in themselves, identify character traits of those individuals, and create their own choreography.

Learning Math through Shadow Puppets

Students are treated to a shadow puppet retelling of classic fairy tales in the time of coronavirus. They can follow along as these same puppets use a number line for solving math problems, and students can create their own puppets to solve math equations along with the teacher and artist.

Acting Out Number Signs

Students will dig deep into learning about the greater than, less than, and equal signs, and they have a chance to practice comparing numbers. Using tens, ones, and the place value chart, kids learn how they can quickly tell which is a bigger two-digit number. With the help of a theatre teacher from Center Stage Baltimore, they discover how using their bodies and voices to create a character gives them a fun, creative tool for remembering this important math concept.


Arts Explorations!

Arts Explorations videos feature 5 sequential lessons that allow students to dive deep into different art forms. Students will laugh, learn, and express themselves through dance, music, visual arts, theatre, and STEM-based activities with professional artists.

Let’s do our B.E.S.T. with Mrs. Hamilton

This series dives into the elements of dance and makes connections with our feelings and how we can be mindful of our choices with friends and family. Let’s go to work!

Music with Mr. D!

No instruments? No problem! Join me, Mr. D, and transform ordinary objects from your homes into musical instruments! Not only will we learn fun rhythms together, but we will also explore important musical concepts through active music-making.

NATTY PROH’s with Ms. Tasha

How can we use art to represent our true selves while staying socially, politically, and economically relevant? Through this series we will explore five different established artists—each one of whom either studied, was raised, or lived in Baltimore, MD—and their art styles! Let the artist in you come alive!

Elements of Music with Mr. Scott & Miss Austin

Come with Mr. Scott and Miss Austin on a musical mission where we will learn about the building blocks of a song. Dynamics, tempo, melody, and harmony all play a role in making music that is pleasing to our ears and our souls. These four elements also apply to everyday life and can help us to be the best we can be—together!